Windsor - Essex on-location photographer, Steven Dzibela.  Specializing in on-location Sports, Family & Corporate Events,  Pet portraiture, and High School Graduates / High School Seniors photography

About Steven Dzibela

Read about my story in Biz-X Magazine - September 2014  Issue.


Windsor, Ontario, Canada


I am an "on-location" event, pet and portrait photographer.


Photography - my passion for over 35 years.  My first camera was a fully manual 35mm Konica C35v  and shortly after Canon's introduction of the AE-1, I've been a Canon shooter ever since.   I enjoy documenting life.


Organic, candid and un-contrived with a journalist edge.

Why I Do What I Do

Like a favorite song or a memorable scent, photography has a transformative power that returns one to the very moment when those memories were formed.


Capture Life's Milestone Moments with One-of-a-kind Photography.

Vision Statements

Form trusted and lasting relationships guided by the tenets of care, respect and integrity.

Continually advance the professional and creative process in partnership with like-minded professionals and organizations.

Deliver professional service and artwork of enduring value, quality and excellence - heirlooms to be cherished for generations.

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